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Piecing our jigsaw together

Posted by gailbradbrook on June 14, 2010

We had a conference call for the Fix the Web to review the mapping paper (on the home page to the left) and consider if it offers a way forwards for e-accessibility.

We discussed the following (and if I missed anything contributors or those who couldn’t be there feel free to add by commenting on this post):

-the scale of the issues we are dealing with- in principle the method proposed could deal with them all, we would just need to accept some are “slower burn” than others. Web development tools will be an important category to tackle. Overtime you have the data which could underpin legal approaches.

-volunteers would need to be pretty skilled in dealing with some issues- after a while we would ensure web owners are signposted to more expert sources of help (and anticipate paying for that) and also volunteers could be supported by GAWDS members- there would be a business case for GAWDS folks in doing that (see weblinks / blogroll to left for GAWDS)

-for some users the issues may be related to their own knowledge of the software (eg Jaws) that they are using.

-twitter is a resource for accessing owners eg if we wonder “who is in charge of facebook?”)

-there will be new pressures relating to Open Government and Big Society.

-the new paper clarifies that this is an activist issue- rewired state (who sponsor hack days) might be a good model

-for BT there is a business case for involvement- for both customers and staff

-from a fixing perspective a browser extension might be the best way forwards, like bookmarklett

-in the meantime, understanding the appetite for change, we should develop a twitter based campaign and hash tag (#fixtheweb) and can use twitter mining tools. Could use paralympics as a focus.

-a meeting required to action plan establishing a campaign

Peter Abrahams sent the following in follow up:

The idea of browser extensions seems a good way forward and I did a little bit of digging and in Firefox there is a function in Help called ‘Report a broken website’ and it includes an option on accessibility see .

What it does not explain is what happens to the report so I have put in a support question  see .

I think we would have to extend this function so that it was specific for accessibility, included the email address of the user and maybe had some basic tick boxes to define the type of problem. But in principle it shows that reports could be generated within a minute.

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