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Harnessing the power of networks to make the web accessible for everyone.


Use comments below to give any feedback on the ideas for Fix the Web. I will also post in email comments here.

>> From TP >>

Firstly, I’m a member of the British Computer Association of the Blind, which has an active mailing list on which I could place requests for information/collaboration.

I had a look at the Serotek website.  As mentioned yesterday, Serotek have a community of users of their Samnet network.  I don’t fully understand how this works, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that they have a service via which accessibility fixes can be applied to 3rd-party websites.  One way of doing this, which may or may not be the method used by Serotek, would be to offer users a portal which would allow them access to a ‘sanitised’ version of the Web.  Google do this to some extent via the use of their Accessible search, which ranks results partially on their accessibility.

WebVisum is an add-on for the Firefox browser.  I’ve never used this, but it does sound similar to what you’re proposing, though the focus appears to be solely on the Visually Impaired.

I’m wondering whether a good start for your project, would be to run a survey, which would capture a sample of the type of issues users would be likely to raise, so that you could attempt to get an idea of whether these issues would b fixable, and what would be the optimal approach to an environment which could best tackle them.  I’d guess that the success of your project might depend on whether a lot of the issues can be tackled by the same solution, or whether there are so many different, unrelated issues that there aren’t enough techie experts to fix them.


Gail: thanks Tim, I will create another page for that


3 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Having read through your document, I think it would be a good idea to concentrate some of the effort of the project on lobbying the producers of website development tools. Much of the content which now appears on the web, is produced by people who don’t have expertise in accessible website design, who use commercially available tools to produce the website. In such cases, lobbying the website owners may be ineffective, as they may not be able to get at the code produced by their content management system/web development tool.
    Tim Pennick

  2. John Dutson said

    I am a proundly deaf silver surfer with an early Christmas presant,a T-Mobile vibe 200 mobile phone.
    My communications are limited to the internet,texting & snail mail.i.e. no voice calls).
    I have been told that it is possible to receive my webmail (virgin media webmail) on my mobile.
    I am struggling to set this up.
    Can you please point me in the right direction.

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