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Wanted! technology skills

Posted by gailbradbrook on June 30, 2010

Of various shapes and sizes… for Fix the Web project

Calling all those within the open source, good geekery, happy to help hactivist community. I’m looking for techies prepared to offer some free help to Fix the Web, this essential and great cause of making the web we love available to everyone equally (see home page for more info).

Is there anyone out there who can help with the following (some of which are posted on IT4communities but volunteers haven’t stepped up yet):

1. Creating a specification for a volunteer / web enabled problem reporting system (see 1 below)

2. Help with a facebook / tweetdeck issue (see 2 below)- thanks to Michael Philips, 64-Bit computing (via IT4C) , in progress

3. Building a 5 page website with forms for expressing interest, twitter feed

4. Add ons to website eg being able to email a complaint about a website that is stored into a database, twitter mining capabilities

5. Feedback on how to integrate / use Helen toolbar (a browser extension):

Huge thanks and great +ve karma available, plus free holiday in the Cotswolds for extra effort!

All can be provided online so location is not important.

1. Fix the Web Create Spec for Website to Report/Improve Inaccessible Websites
Here’s a really interesting project that will look good in your CV, and will make the web that much easier to use for people with disabilities. This established charity based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, focuses on digital inclusion. Their aim is to have a web enabled mechanism in which disabled people can report an e-accessibility issue with a website in under one minute. An IT volunteer will manage the issue and work with the web owner to resolve it.This will need mechanisms for sign-up of volunteers and disabled people, an easy to use and quick method to report the e-accessibility issues and identify the websites, a means of marking fixed issues, as well as management processes and reports, and support mechanisms and links to resources for participants.They have prepared a project overview.They would like you to produce a detailed outline specification, so that the options for its delivery and the likely resources needed can be discussed.Part of this will involve taking part in one or more conference calls with project sponsors and other interested parties early in the project.They’re expecting to come back to iT4Communities to find volunteers to create a detailed design specification, build the functionality needed, and someone to do the project management.
2 Help with Facebook
Fix the Web have a Facebook page, and they would like to talk to you to find out how to achieve bits of functionality. Tweetdeck seems to be sending feeds to a personal Facebook page rather than the charity’s Facebook page, which is where it’s needed, and they need your advice to correct this.

4 Responses to “Wanted! technology skills”

  1. In terms of Tweetdeck, it’s down to the settings. You simply need to make sure the page is added on the Add Accounts page, and when updating, the personal page option is removed and it should work out fine.

    In terms of the accessibility options – have you looked at existing reporting sites to see if there are elements to use or how accessible they are? I’m pretty sure the likes of Get Satisfaction could be improved, but they could provide a good basis in terms of planning the functionality.

    • Hi Dan,
      Just responding to your comment on my call for IT support for Fix the Web.. (thanks for taking the time!)
      Paul at Osmosoft (cc’d here) had made a similar suggestion so I had had a little look already.

      ON – are you suggesting, if it’s an accessible offering, that we could use that?
      Or just that it’s a good system to look over and copy some of the flow of the system?

      If it’s the first I’m a bit concerned that their models have ongoing revenue and a bought in moderator.
      But mainly that the Fix the Web model (outlined in the attached) is really a “brokerage model” with the disabled person issuing a very quick complaint to a system, which then gets picked up by a volunteer and taken forwards to the specific web owner. Can really do that?

      I *think* what I need is for someone to look at the attached and say you need an Oracle this that and the other database and some java something or other and best to really avoid Microsoft x, y and z, etc.
      I’m trying to get that help through the professional IT volunteering system (IT4C) which as basically my idea in the first place (!). They are surprised we haven’t got anyone yet but are having an extra push. (IT4C isn’t the right system either- though it is cool- it has a different function)


  2. SteveLee said

    I’m afraid I have no spare bandwidth at the moment but have tweeted.

    You may like this toolbar which runs in most browsers (it’s not an addon). I also suggest you contact the team.

    PS I think the post content got cut short.


  3. Resim said

    that really good thanks admin

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