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A #Fix the Web Campaign

Posted by gailbradbrook on June 30, 2010

Some notes from our June 24th 2010 meeting

Gail Bradbrook Citizens Online, Leonie Watson Nomensa, Adam Oliver BT, John Lamb Ability, Sal Cooke TechDis, Robin Christopherson AbilityNet, Jeremy Ruston BT, David Cushman 9010,

Aims of the call / meeting:
Develop an action plan basis for a campaign to Fix the Web and contextualize it- how will we take it forwards?

Key points made:

1. Be led by the people- raise the issue amongst a large body of techy geekery using a #fixtheweb
Matt at Osmosoft can help penetrate that community, and others on the call have links into a variety of databases etc.

2. When people think they have an issue it can be they don’t know how to use the tools for access that they have- we can give people information about this based on available materials (Leonie knows where they are) and link to wider places for support.

3. Fix my street. Com is a good example of what we might wish to look like

4. A website is an important starting point (beyond the blog) we need a focal point and a fix the web twitter account.
Need to lay out what people do with the #tag and describe it and archiving tweets is important. Leonie can help with content- need to get some developer help.

5. Small business scheme through BIS could be a good reference for reaching out. Also googles Julian Hartley.


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