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e-Accessibility figures and stats

Posted by gailbradbrook on May 18, 2010

The Employers Forum on Disability have set up the Business Task force on Accessible Technology. (Good for them!) I shall be asking if members of the team have techies they want to put forwards for Fix the Web.

Some useful collated stats from their information:
Despite the rapid advancements in technology, it remains unnecessarily difficult for employers to recruit and retain disabled people and do business with disabled customers.
• Between 15-18% of the worlds population has a disability.
• There are 10 million disabled people in the UK, with 6.9 million of working age –19 % of the working population.
• One third of 50-64 year olds are disabled; 70% of disabled people become disabled during their working lives.
• Disabled people have an estimated spending power of £80bn pa in UK alone.
• 14% of those working in small to medium sized UK companies have a disability.
A compelling business case
• Legal & General’s new accessible website increased online sales by 90%; saved £200k pa on site maintenance; and delivered 100% ROI in one year.
• Accessible web pages are up to 75% smaller than non-accessible pages, giving huge bandwidth savings and reducing infrastructure demands.
• Barrier free online recruitment opens the doors to the talent of an additional 1.3 million applicants in the UK alone.(McKinseys)
• 83% of disabled people ‘walk away’ from purchases because they feel unwelcome or the product or service offering is inaccessible. (EFD survey)

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