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Working together for Inclusion

Posted by gailbradbrook on March 10, 2010

A disabled=I’m aware my last post- suggesting that some sites might be acceptably accessible, could be interpreted as another effort to get disabled people to put up with crap.

It was about not waiting to have accessibility “bestowed on us” by some higher authority with a fat cheque book and power.

Community and relationships and dialogue are not “clean” processes but when coming from a human place they will find their own way. The things that matter should get sorted. I don’t want us all to feel the e-access is something too big for us, something that’s just needs money. That seems to buy into all the separation and fear.

A big influence in my life has been Micheline Mason ( campaigner for inclusion who described the efforts to fix the world to date, as like a big jigsaw puzzle being pieced together. We couldn’t get it finished because we missed out a key piece; we needed to start again- with inclusion as the central part.

“Inclusion is not an easy option. It is difficult because it requires people to examine their deepest held prejudices and fears; it asks people to learn new skills; it means people have to think creatively and design individual solutions for unique people; it means doing things differently and risking failure.”

And from her Poem “Beware the Baubles”

Put away your cheque books
Bring us in close to the beating pulse
Of shared messy, risky, noisy days
Where we all have complex needs
We will learn then all that matters
And so will you.

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